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Cedric likes carpentry and is very well at it. He is always coming up with different things to make for other sylvanians. He makes lots of surprising things that nobody has ever seen before. Only his family know that he had a lot of projects that turned out badly too, he keeps those hidden in his store room. Yardley loves talking to the other sylvanians. Her big belly laugh can be heard often and she is always got friends around her. She is very proud of her bushy tail with its shiny fur and makes sure to brush it every night before she goes to bed. Ralph is full of energy and loves to climb trees. When his little brother ambrose's balloon got caught on a tall tree, ralph climbed up and got it back in the blink of an eye. He says he is climbed every tree in sylvanian village, but nobody knows if it is true. Saffron loves yellow things. Her room is decorated with the yellow things she is collected, from yellow flowers to yellow ribbons. Her preferable thing in her collection is her yellow photo album, which is full of memories. The only yellow thing she does not like is lemons as they are too sour for her.

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