SnuzPod 4 White

SnuzPod 4 White


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SnuzPod 4 features all the same exciting features available in the SnuzPod3 as well as a few extras to make co-sleeping even better! 

SnuzPod 4 comes with the amazing ComfortAir breathable system to help regulate the temperature within the crib, so that your little one can have a comfortable, safe and calming place to sleep every night. In addition to this, SnuzPod 4 features a new 3D breathable mattress to add even more breathability to the crib, while also providing your infant with heightened levels of comfort.

SnuzPod 4 features a new machine-washable mesh liner to help regulate the environment while also providing you with a convenient cleaning solution. SnuzPod 4 also has a new maximum height of 73cm, meaning it fits more beds than any other traditional bedside crib currently on the market. 

SnuzPod 4 also boasts a new half-down wall setting, making it easier to sleep side-by-side with your little one and comfort them during the night without having to zip the wall down. 

Comfort and safety for baby 

SnuzPod 4 boasts a range of amazing features designed to provide you with the perfect sleep solution for your child from newborn to 6 months. The lightweight lift-off bassinet is both large and light so that your baby has plenty of space while also making it much easier to lift and go for use around your home.

SnuzPod 4 features a separate reflux leg that simply slots in place at either end of the crib to provide a gentle elevation that can help soothe and comfort your baby during the night. Alongside this, the dual-view mesh allows you to check on your little one throughout the night, and lets them see you too so they can be comforted by your presence. The breathable mesh fabric also promotes good airflow during the night.

This amazing crib also includes a handy zip-down wall that is designed to make nighttime feeds more convenient while also providing your little one with their very own safe sleeping space next to Mum. The super lightweight lift-off bassinet means that during the day your little one can have daytime naps by your side wherever you are in the house - giving them a consistent sleep environment as well as keeping you both close and connected all day long.

Easy, Custom Set-Up

Setting up SnuzPod 4 is easy and customisable - featuring multiple height settings and a maximum height of 73cm, SnuzPod 4 fits more beds than any other dropside crib and attaches perfectly to both divan and framed beds using the adjustable straps included in the bundle. When it’s time for your little one to make the transition from bedroom to nursery, the SnuzPod 4 can also be used as a stand-alone crib with a rockable stand that allows you to gently soothe your baby to sleep.

Top-level design

Designed and engineered here in England, the SnuzPod 4 has been beautifully crafted using sustainably-sourced, natural beech wood, and avoids the use of MDF or veneer. The fabric is also removable so that it can be easily hand-washed. The SnuzPod 4 bundle includes a supportive mattress made only with materials certified to the Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 standard, meaning that it guarantees no harmful chemicals or substances. 

Key Features

  • NEW ComfortAir System for optimal ventilation
  • NEW Maximum height of 73cm
  • NEW Machine-washable, breathable mesh liner
  • NEW OEKO-Tex certified mattress with 3D mesh breathable cover
  • NEW Zip-down wall compliant with the new safety standard
  • Passes the new bedside crib standard (BS EN 1130:2019)
  • Spacious & super lightweight lift-off bassinet
  • Reflex incline feature 
  • Dual-view, breathable mesh fabric
  • Zip-down walls for easy night feeds
  • 9 different height positions
  • Fits both divan and framed beds
  • Sustainably-sourced, natural beech wood 
  • Quilted mattress with Oeko-Tex 100 certified materials
  • Hand-washable, removable fabric 


Age Suitability: from newborn - 6 months (or until baby can sit up unaided, roll over or push itself up on knees)
Weight suitability: up to 9kg

Product weight: 11.5kg
Mattress Dimensions: 40 x 75.5 x 3cm
Dimensions (max. height): 100cm x 49cm x 95cm

SnuzPod⁴ crib complies with BS EN 1130:2019
Mattress is made with OEKO-Tex 100 certified materials 

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