DrBrown Options+Anti Colic Bottle 270ml

DrBrown Options+Anti Colic Bottle 270ml


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 Dr. Brown's Options+ Anti-Colic Bottle is the ideal bottle for babies from 0 months. Dr. Brown's anti-colic bottles have an internal ventilation system that reduces colic, gases, belching and regurgitation. Thanks to this patented ventilation system, air does not mix with milk and thus prevents oxidation of natural vitamins A, C and E in milk (Study The Colic Report). It also reduces the risk of developing otitis in the middle ear thanks to positive pressure and vacuum-free feeding of the baby, similar to that of the maternal breast. The nipple is silicone and simulates the breast breast, making Doctor Brown bottles ideal for delayed breastfeeding, mixed breastfeeding or artificial breastfeeding with formula milk. Babies can feed in a relaxed and calm way, helping their digestion. Dr. Brown's anti-colic bottles can be used with or without the internal ventilation system, although we recommend using them with the ventilation system for better digestion of the baby and newborn. Bottle from 0 months anti-colic 270 ml. Transparent with Level 1 Wide Mouth Silicone Nipple (from 0 months). Different models of anti-colic baby bottles


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